Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a low impact activity suitable for everyone. Each person works within their own limitations to improve their strength, balance and flexibility, without putting stress on your joints. It’s ideal if you’re recovering from a fall or want to improve your mobility.

Tai Chi can also improve your mood and help with depression, stress, and anxiety. It can improve energy levels, improve stamina as well as lowering your blood pressure. It is also a very social activity. 

We run regular beginner and intermediate courses (courses running in 4-5 weeks blocks):




Next course starts



3rd June 2019



1st May 2019



2nd May 2019


10.30am – Double Fan

23rd May 2019


1.00pm – Beginners

2nd May 2019


2.00pm – Intermediate

2nd May 2019



Audlem Scout & Guide Hall 3rd May 2019


1.30pm (Fortnightly)

3rd May 2019


1.45pm – Double Fan

14th June 2019

Costs are £5 per person per class except Sandbach which is £6 per session. Information above shows the regular class times and venues.

To book
If you want to come along to a class or have any questions please call Geoff on 07563 665322.

We also run Tai Chi Double Fan seminars on a regular basis at Alsager Guide Hall and Audlem Scout & Guide Hall. Tai Chi Double Fan is excellent for improvements in balance, improves the mobility of the wrist joints and stimulates the fingers leading to better circulation. It also looks great and is fun to learn!

The next Double Fan Seminars will be held on:

Alsager Guide Hall: Thursday 23rd May, Thursday 27th June.

Audlem Scout & Guide Hall: Friday 14th June, Friday 28th June.

Cost: £5.00


“In 2009 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and it was my neurologist who suggested I try Tai Chi. I started Geoff’s class about 18 months ago and thanks to his inspirational teaching he has radically improved my health and wellbeing. I am no longer defined by my illness. Thank you.”

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